Cargo Ship Stacking

Play the best physics arcade game: Cargo Ship Stacking. Discover cargo containers and their properties while you stack them in our new cargo ship physics game.

Become the best cargo stacking professional, discover all the ships and cargo types. The higher the level the wider variety of containers you play with! Battle against the physics of ships and proceed to higher levels with even more cargo and more challenging cargo ships.

Play Cargo Ship Stacking and start your stacking adventure now.

Blocky Dodge

Become the best at dodging. Swipe yourself into a zone of safety in the mayhem of endless hordes of incoming enemies trying to throw you off. Collect gold to attain the new high-score and experience brand new exciting worlds.

Dodge, swipe and beat your own high score!
If you enjoy games of skill and fast gameplay you'll love Blocky Dodge!


You are a cloud. A bad ass cloud and your best mate who happens to be a tree needs your help. Here, let me tell you a bit more.

The player spins around a single tree that appears on a floating island. The player controls a cloud which protects the tree by shooting lightning bolts at enemies that mean harm to the tree. A killer cloud getting rid of ill-intention bearing humans.

Igor the tree and Cookie the cloud are best buddies and the tree is being protected by the cloud. The cloud kills entities which mean harm to the tree by sending MINIMUM ONE MILLION VOLTS through their bodies.

True Bros is a product of Bratislava GameJam 2019 made by 4 cookies!

Dictator - Repair The Regime

Spot those who stand against you and remove them from your regime before they remove you. This is a satirical look on a dictator.
This game is a product of Global Game Jam 2020 made by 4 cookies!

Be advised there is gore and blood in excess.


  • Martin Piliar

    Unity Sensei

  • Lenka Šišulaková

    2D/3D Unicorn

  • Vajk Pomichal

    Backend Commander

  • Matej Rábek

    Doc. R

  • Kryštof Klestil


  • Petra Bajzová

    5D Artist


Cookies appear to have their origins in 7th century AD Persia, shortly after the use of sugar became relatively common in the region.


Cookies are most commonly baked until crisp or just long enough that they remain soft, but some kinds of cookies are not baked at all. Cookies are made in a wide variety of styles, using an array of ingredients including sugars, spices, chocolate, butter, peanut butter, nuts, or dried fruits. The softness of the cookie may depend on how long it is baked. Oils in baked cakes do not behave as baking soda tends to in the finished result. Rather than evaporating and thickening the mixture, they remain, saturating the bubbles of escaped gases from what little water there might have been in the eggs, if added, and the carbon dioxide released by heating the baking powder. This saturation produces the most texturally attractive feature of the cookie, and indeed all fried foods: crispness saturated with a moisture (namely oil) that does not sink into it.


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